UFF-UCF Faculty Union

My Union Story

2018 BOT Meeting

2019 Representative at the NEA-Representative Assembly

2020 Pre-Bargaining Session

Yovanna Pineda and her daughter, Scott Launier, Jonathan Alingu, and Curtis Hierro (November 2016)

In 2014, I first became involved in the union to research and push forward parental leave in our faculty contract. After the November elections of 2016, I eagerly sought to learn more about union activity in Florida. It just happens that I received an email from a former student inviting me to attend a Central Florida Jobs with Justice meeting. Admittedly, as a Californian native and former Vermont resident, I was not at all familiar with Floridian political styles. At that meeting, I learned about the compassion and passion of many of our local leaders, influencing me to make the world a better place.

Pineda in her office with image of Dolores Huerta (January 2018)

As I steadily became more involved in social justice and compassionate activities, a local high school student asked me who were my influences—Dolores Huerta (pictured in background) was my first female model seeking justice for farmworkers!

Pineda at press release about our faculty contract (September 2018)

At the University of Central Florida, I have always been a strong advocate for a strong and professional contract that protects faculty and professional employees. A contract should promote ideal working conditions and transparency in the workplace.

Session of the SUS Bargaining Council (September 2019)

In 2019, I ran and was elected to be the United Faculty of Florida VP of the State University System’s Bargaining Council. I ran on the campaign to increase communications, trainings, and transparency between the twelve universities.

Bargaining session with Board of Trustees representatives. (January 2020)

In 2019, I also became chair of the bargaining committee at the University of Central Florida chapter of the United Faculty of Florida.

January 2020 Teachers Rally in Tallahassee – “Rally in Tally”


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UFF-UCF at Board of Trustees Meeting, 9/27/18

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