Yovanna Pineda is an Associate Professor of History and
author of the book Industrial Development in a Frontier
Economy: The industrialization of Argentina, 1890-1930
(Stanford, 2009). Her research is on the history of
technology, capitalism, and the industrialization processes,
and its meanings to the people who experienced it during the
nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Her second project on
the development of farm machinery in the pampas is
interdisciplinary, using ethnographic, archival, collective
memory, oral histories, and material culture to derive the
meanings of technology. This second book, Harvesting
Innovation: Rituals, Memory, and Invention of Farm
Machinery in Argentina, 1860-1960, examines the ritual-
making, maintenance, and gendered perspectives of
harvesters and tractors between 1860 and 1960. It discusses both top-down and bottom-up narratives of the
tangible and intangible history of rural science and



 Argentina History
 History of Technology
 Development Studies
 Economic History
 Latin American Economic History
 Patents of Invention
 History of Science and Technology
 Hybrid Systems
 Industrialization
 Latin American Studies
 Gig Economy
 Oral History and Documentary
 Oral History and Memory
 Collective Memory


University of Central Florida, Women’s and Gender Studies,
Faculty Member
University of Central Florida, Latin American Studies
Program, Faculty Member
University of Central Florida, Africana Studies Program,
Faculty Member
University of Central Florida, History, Faculty Member