Published Book

Industrial Development in a Frontier Economy: The Industrialization of Argentina, 1890-1930

Reviewed by: Journal of Interdisciplinary History; Latin American Research Review; Economic History Network (; Historia Industrial; H-net Reviews; Journal of Latin American Studies; Choice.

Ongoing Projects

The Sensational Machine: Rituals, Memory, and Techne-Culture in Argentina

Dr. Pineda’s ongoing project analyzes the meanings people place on technology through their senses and collective memory. It draws on tangible and intangible sources, such as manuscripts, ephemera, sound, visual, collective memory, oral histories and rumor to develop several works, including a monograph, a series of short films, and collages to examine the illusions and memories of farm machines. 

Gendered Coded Texts: Evidence from Argentine Invention Patents, 1866-1943

By Yovanna Pineda

Articles and Book Chapters (Reverse Chronological Order)

Ways of Seeing Maintenance and Repair in Argentina (or Visualizing the Collective Memory of Farm Machine Culture)

Technology Stories (September 2020)

By Yovanna Pineda

Work-In-Progress Paper: Context is Key in Immersive Learning Environments

Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN), conference proceedings, Summer 2020, no. 129.

By Emily Johnson, Amy Giroux, and Yovanna Pineda

International and Local Collaboration in the Social Design of the Harvester in Argentina during the Long Twentieth Century (1900-2010)

Historia Agraria de América Latina (HAAL, ISSN 2452-5162), abril 2020, 1(1): pp. 70-93.

By Yovanna Pineda

The Future of Work in a Historically Volatile Economy: Case Study of Farm Machinery Factories in Argentina

The Journal of International Affairs, Special Series The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Vol. 72, no. 2 (Winter 2019): 159-171.

By Yovanna Pineda

The Developmental State and the Agricultural Machinery Industry in Argentina

Agustín E. Ferraro and Miguel A. Centeno, editors.

State and Nation Making in Latin America and Spain: The Rise and Fall of the Developmental State, 1930-1990 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018).

By Yovanna Pineda

Farm Machinery Users, Designers and Government Policy in Argentina, 1861-1930

Agricultural History, Vol. 92, no. 3 (Summer 2018): 351-379

By Yovanna Pineda

Graffiti Art, Protest and Memory in the Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires City, The Metropole

The Metropole (The Official Blog of the Urban History Association). Special Series on Buenos Aires (May 2018)

By Yovanna Pineda

Gendering Poverty in Labor Legislation in Argentina, 1900-1930

Activist History Review. September 2017.

By Yovanna Pineda

El ‘Nilo de Argentina’: Proyectos para el manejo del agua y medio ambiente a lo largo del Río Negro, 1880-1910

English title: The ‘Nile’ of Argentina: The Irrigation Projects of the Río Negro, 1880-1910. (Translated into Spanish by Maria Eugenia Vásquez) Revista de Historia Internacional (ISTOR), Special Series on Environmental History, Año XVIII, No. 69 (Summer 2017).

By Yovanna Pineda

Technology in Latin America’s Past and Present: New Evidence from the Patent Records of Cuba, Mexico, and Argentina

Latin American Research Review, Vol. 52, no. 1 (March2017): 138-149

By Edward Beatty, Yovanna Pineda, and Patricio Saíz

Gender-based Legislation and Female Labour Productivity in Argentine Factories, 1895-1935

Estudios Económicos, Vol. XXIX no. 58 (January-June 2012): 39-61.

By Yovanna Pineda

Financing Manufacturing Innovation in Argentina, 1890-1930

Business History Review, Vol. 83(Autumn 2009): 539-562.

By Yovanna Pineda

postcard BuenosAires

Manufacturing profits and strategies in Argentine industrial development, 1904–1930

Business History, Vol. 49 no. 2 (March 2007): 186-210.

By Yovanna Pineda

postcard BuenosAires

Sources of finance and reputation: Merchant finance groups in argentine industrialization, 1890-1930

Latin American Research Review, Vol. 41 no. 2 (June 2006): 3-30.

By Yovanna Pineda

Analysis of Manufacturing Strategies and Profits: Industrial Development in Argentina, 1904-1930

Business and Economic History online, Vol. 1 (2003).

By Yovanna Pineda

Workshop at University of Bern on Global Technology Users

The role of users in global technological history

Workshop program

By Christiane Berth and Yovanna Pineda

Digital history projects featured at UCF Celebrates the Arts

Knowledge, Race, and Power in the History of Global Technology

On Researching Farm Machinery and Global Food Production

By Yovanna Pineda